[BBuzzArt@ArtStage_Singapore] Call for Artist Submission is Closed !

Dear applicants,

Call for Artist Submission for BBuzzArt@ArtStageSingapore is officially closed!

We are pleased to have all of talented artists around the world. We are surprised and fully inspired by all of your art pieces. Thank you for your interest and being part of our community.

The official announcement of selected artists will be posted Nov 20th. Stay tuned!

How to Fulfill Requirements for BBuzzArt@ArtStage_Singapore

Did you miss any requirements for Application Process?

Dear applicants,

Thanks for applying for BBuzzArt@ArtStage_Singapore. Our exhibition team has been delighted to check out all the talented, brilliant works from all of you. We need you to ask yourself if you fulfilled all the requirements below in order to complete the submission process thoroughly.

First, Do you have the correct hashtag? 

Make sure if your hashtag is exactly artstagesingapore.  

Second, What is the size of your work?

Please provide us the size of your work. We need this information to prepare for the show as well as accommodate the shipping of your work accordingly.

Third, Does your profile tell enough about you?

 You may have been asked to fill out your personal profile by our exhibition team. It seems confusing, however, please fill out this part with your story and info. It could be about your artistic inspiration, art-making process, exhibition history, etc.. We would like to get to know you more as an artist even if your work is fabulous. Tell us more!



[ArtStageSingapore]How to Submit Your Work
[ArtStageSingapore]Frequently Asked Questions

Written by Joomi lee, BBuzzArt Marketing

This article was published for artists and art enthusiasts by BBuzzArt.

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Frequently Asked Questions for BBuzzArt@ArtStage_Singapore


I don’t see call for submission materials on BBuzzArt website. How do I apply? 

Please find submission details in the following link:

How many works can I submit?

As many as you want! All the works with a correct hashtag (#ArtStageSingapore) on BBuzzArt will be reviewed by BBuzzArt curatorial team. However, be mindful that the number of works you upload does not affect the chances of getting selected. Make sure to keep up the good work!

Is there any limit on size or medium?

No, you can submit any size or any type of artwork. Do not forget to add #ArtStageSingapore in tagline.

Is there a submission fee?

There is no entry fee! Everything is covered.

If selected, how does the shipping process work? Is there any fee I need to cover?

BBuzzArt fully covers the shipping of artwork regardless of geographical region. We take care of exhibition rental, PR, and any other exhibition-related costs. Selected artists will not be required to pay anything for BBuzzArt@ArtStage_Singapore. You have nothing to pay!

Can selected artists visit BBuzzArt@ArtStage_Singapore?

Of course! You are more than welcome to attend BBuzzArt@ArtStage_Singapore in January, 2018. However, we do not cover the cost of your trip.

What if I have trouble getting logged into BBuzzArt? 

Regarding any tech issues, please send an email to info@bbuzzart.com with a screenshot of your error page. BBuzzArt’s tech team will take you from there.

How to Submit Your Work to BBuzzArt@ArtStage_Singapore

Dear BBuzzArt users,

We appreciate your interest and attention for BBuzzArt@ArtStageSingapore! Unlike most of call for artist submissions, BBuzzArt simplifies an application process, so anyone can apply faster and easier.

All you NEED to remember is go to BBuzzArt.com and upload your work and add a hashtag #ArtStageSingapore in tagline. Then you’ll automatically apply for BBuzzArt@ArtStage_Singapore. If you haven’t updated your profile page or you are a new user, make sure to fill out your profile with artistic inspirations, life story, exhibition history, etc.. Please shoot us an email at info@bbuzzart.com, if you can’t find info you would like to know.

BBuzzShowPrague BBuzzShowPrague

We recommend “continue with Facebook” because it’s more convenient for both of us. You can be connected to your Facebook friends on BBuzzArt right away!BBuzzShowPrague BBuzzShowPrague BBuzzShowPrague

Do not simply put a couple of words about yourself here. We want your story, like how you become an artist, where your creativity comes from, or what subjects you’re most interested in. Your artist statement and CV can suffice if that’s easier. But you MUST fill in this section to be considered as an applicant.


Pick a work you would like to show at BBuzzArt@ArtStageSingapore.

It’s essential to put a title, creator’s note, year, medium, size (**important when planning a shipping), and other work details, but adding #ArtStageSingapore to tagline is the most important thing to remember here. You MUST put this hashtag #ArtStageSingapore to apply for BBuzzArt@ArtStage_Singapore. No spaces!

From this part, it’s optional, but highly recommended. We encourage all the applicants to share their works on Facebook, so they get more likes and feedbacks on BBuzzArt (aka, invite your friends and family to BBuzzArt!) We believe if your closest friends find your art fascinating, it most likely means you’re heading in the right direction as an artist and your work has a potential of becoming a future masterpiece!


You look for instructions in mobile view? Check out below.

***Detail Information***

Venue: Marina Bay Sands, Singapore, Singapore.
Exhibition Period: Jan 24th ~ Jan 28th 2018
Submission Period: Sep 27th ~ Nov 8th 2017
Selected Artist Announced: Nov 20th 2017

Should you have any comments and questions, please feel free to send us an email at info@BBuzzArt.com.

Download Android or iPhone App : http://onelink.to/z7r4a5
Web : http://www.BBuzzArt.com/


Mobile View

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