You rock, Google Arts & Culture!

I can’t be the only one constantly astonished by Google’s grand ambition and vision. When they launched Google Arts & Culture, it came off as a shock to me.

To elaborate my reaction, I have to admit my nerdy side (just like others) and one of the long overdue wishes– seeing Mesopotamian Ziggurat or Bodhgaya’s Buddhist temple in real life (right?) or my favorite old masters’ work all in one place. By reading related articles, I could almost get a tad closer look of historical ruins or artwork, but mere referencing images never fulfilled my curiosity or unanswered questions. In my head, I was screaming, ‘can someone please come up with something, maybe like 3-D rendering models?’ To be honest, searching through all the museum databases one by one can be tedious and exhausting. Photographic evidences on textbook were never enough to satisfy my academic thirst, so what could I have possibly done other than dreaming? In that sense, Google Arts & Culture made my dream come true.



I hope for BBuzzArt to serve a similar role as Google in the near future for art collectors and art enthusiasts in discovering fresh, new, imaginative, young artists from every corner of the world.

Written by Joomi Lee, BBuzzArt Marketing


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Author: Joomie Lee

Marketing, BBuzzArt

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