Our Purpose: Why is BBuzzArt doing BBuzzShow?

[BBuzzShow@Jakarta] Calling for Artist Submissions

BBuzzShow is one of BBuzzArt’s major activities that provides an exhibition opportunity to emerging and talented artists around the world. Since May 2014, our exhibition team has traveled to six different countries: USA, Germany, China, Singapore and Korea. In collaboration with local art venues, BBuzzShow has showcased the quirkiest, the freshest, the most avant-garde contemporary art and this May we bring BBuzzShow to Jakarta, Indonesia. As announced many times already, it’s at Galeria Fatahillah.

While BBuzzArt is a social platform where artists and art lovers can interact anytime anywhere, BBuzzShow is a face-to-face event for a certain duration at physical space that invites everyone to come and enjoy curated artworks. Why don’t you claim your creativity at BBuzzArt and earn your opportunity at BBuzzShow? Start applying at BBuzzArt.com with #BBuzzShowJakarta now!

Detail Information
Venue: Fatahillah Gallery (Galeri Kantor Pos, Kota Tua), Jakarta, Indonesia
Submission Period: 20th March – 20th April 2017
Selected Artists Announced: 24th April 2017
Exhibition Period: 10th – 30th May 2017
Should you have any comments and questions, please feel free to send us an email at BBuzzShow@BBuzzArt.com.

Download Android or iPhone App : http://onelink.to/z7r4a5
Web : http://www.BBuzzArt.com/



[BBUZZSHOW@JAKARTA] How to get selected for bbuzzshow?


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