How Museums Embrace Virtual Reality Technology for Better Visitor Experience

Virtual Reality in Arts & Culture Institutions

VR is the hottest trend in 2017. You’d hear about at least one company looking to incorporate VR in their business model. It’s not exclusive to game & entertainment industry any more.

Museums are gearing up to embrace this newest technology to enhance visitor experiences. For example, Hirshhorn Museum came up with a brilliant way to maximize potentials virtual reality holds for Yayoi Kusama show. As you may know, Kusama’s work offers an intimate and personal experience. One must walk into a closed-off, limited space. As the door closes, the miraculous cosmic view of her work shows up. Thanks to mirrored walls, it feels like infinity. On the other hand, its accessibility is not fully thought out by the artist. Accordingly, the museum decided to provide accessibility to people with mobile disabilities.

“We had to work out how we could make this experience accessible for people with mobility disabilities,” said Beth Ziebarth, director of the Smithsonian’s Accessibility Program.

Isn’t this the true embodiment of “art is for everyone”?  Moreover, they spent two years to prepare the show and four months to bring in VR experiences. Gotta give up for their dedication! Above all, digital technology enabled us to transmit creativity to anyone without discrimination.


Written by Joomi lee, BBuzzArt Marketing

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Author: Joomie Lee

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