More Exhibition Details for BBuzzShow@Jakarta

[BBuzzShow@Jakarta] Exhibition Details This posting covers exhibition details for BBuzzShow@Jakarta 2017. BBuzzShow is one of BBuzzArt’s major activities that provides an exhibition opportunity to emerging artists. Our exhibition team travels different countries to open a visual arts exhibition by receiving open submissions. Above all, it is definitely open to every emerging artists without any location … Continue reading “More Exhibition Details for BBuzzShow@Jakarta”

How to Submit Your Work to BBuzzShow@Jakarta

Dear BBuzzArt users, We very much appreciate your interest and love for BBuzzShow@Jakarta! It’s been only four days, but we’re getting so many inquiries regarding the show. The most frequently asked question was “how to submit my work.” I have to tell you it doesn’t even involve more than 5 steps to apply for BBuzzShow@Jakarta. Hence, we … Continue reading “How to Submit Your Work to BBuzzShow@Jakarta”

BBuzzArt’s Fruitful November: Highlights of the Season (Sep-Nov 2018)

If you have been following our social networking channels, you must have noticed that BBuzzArt has made an effort this season to provide you with great art enjoyments. Let’s throw back and see what have happened in the last three months, and also have a preview on what is up next! On Going Events The biggest … Continue reading “BBuzzArt’s Fruitful November: Highlights of the Season (Sep-Nov 2018)”

What Does It Mean by Independent Galleries?

What does it mean by independent? You have heard of independent music, or more widely known as indie, but why haven’t you heard of independent art? The answer is simple. Because art has always been independent. But what about independent galleries? When we talk about indie, it refers to music produced independently from commercial record … Continue reading “What Does It Mean by Independent Galleries?”

How to Submit Your Work to BBuzzArt@ArtStage_Singapore

Dear BBuzzArt users, We appreciate your interest and attention for BBuzzArt@ArtStageSingapore! Unlike most of call for artist submissions, BBuzzArt simplifies an application process, so anyone can apply faster and easier. All you NEED to remember is go to and upload your work and add a hashtag #ArtStageSingapore in tagline. Then you’ll automatically apply for … Continue reading “How to Submit Your Work to BBuzzArt@ArtStage_Singapore”

BBuzzArt and what do we do?

Welcome to BBuzzArt’s Blog! Continuing my last blog post, I’d like to cover BBuzzArt more in depth and give details on our founding story. Every year, 3 million young and new artists are emerging, but they have nowhere else to be with aspiring dreams to live a successful full-time artist one day in their heart. Unfortunately, in school, they do not … Continue reading “BBuzzArt and what do we do?”