Nazi’s son gives back art his family took in Poland during World War II from Washington Post

When film Woman in Gold based on real life story came out in 2015, it once again reminded the world of the nightmare of the Holocaust. It was speechless to realize that innocent, loving families were destroyed during the war attributed to their ethnicity, and now we are left with many unresolved issues, one of which is looting and illicit exports. Although in the film the national government was reluctant to retrieve this war-looted object, the Supreme Court was finally in favor of the Jewish family, and Klimt’s painting returned home.

Despite the grand triumph, this is an ongoing fight. It was one single return, but hundreds of thousands of works of art were mercilessly looted during this time and waiting to come home.  Probably that’s why I was deeply touched by this article form the Washington Post. The Nazi official’s son voluntarily gave up the artworks that his father took!

“He gave a good example to others, and we should be happy about this,” Ogorek said. “I assume that various artworks from Poland can be found in private homes in Germany and in Austria. I am sure of that.”

Hope this sets a good example. This illegal action has been universal unfortunately. It doesn’t live in the past. It’s still happeningin every part of Asia, South America, and Middle East. Will this ever come to an end?

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Author: Joomie Lee

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