Does MFA make you more of a legit artist?

If you’re an artist who’s debating whether to go to grad school or not, here are some candid opinions kindly offered by experts on the topic. The youtuber, Art Thoughtz, makes a bit of snarky comments, so embrace yourself beforehand.

Below is a phrase from Vulture.

What’s different now is that MFA programs are exorbitantly priced luxury items. At the top-shelf East Coast schools like Yale, RISD, SVA, and Columbia, the two-year cost can top $100,000. This doesn’t include room, board, materials, etc. Add all that in, and you’re hovering near a quarter-million dollars. (Vulture)

I think among all, Huffington post makes the most sense to me. They made a whole research on the ratio of artists with MFA to without MFA shown at some renowned galleries in the U.S.. Surprisingly, it was close to 50:50. It gets more insane! Artfacts states 78% of top 50 living artists (in their system) do not hold a MFA. These numbers will blow your mind, really.

Do check out these articles, and maybe it could put your mind at ease, especially if going to grad school means tremendous amount of financial sacrifice and loss of valuable time to you. MFA is not a must-have quality to make it as an artist.

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