Why We Love–And Need –Public Art from Forbes

I was fortunate to attend a school where the value of art was early on recognized, which eventually led to launch a public art program on site. Not only college students were benefitted from this program, but also many of the community members. They came over to the campus to discover this extraordinary art collection every week. Sol Lewitt, Nancy Rubbins, James Turrell, Marc Quinn, … “museum without walls,” indeed! Looking for these hidden gems on campus brightened up my stressful, mundane college life. It was a perfect breather. My friends would go to James Turrell’s Skyspace to take a quick nap underneath. I’d have an ice-cold coffee and chill by Marc Quinn’s work perfectly fit in its surroundings.

After graduating college, I forgot about my secret stress relief, but reading this article, I was reminded the fond memories of public art and felt strongly connected to the phrase below:

“[Public art] lifts up humanity and challenges the individual who encounters it to think differently about the world.” (Laneri)

Written by Joomi Lee, BBuzzArt Marketing


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Author: Joomie Lee

Marketing, BBuzzArt

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