How to Fulfill Most Important Requirements for BBuzzShow@Jakarta

Did you miss any requirements for BBuzzShow@Jakarta?


Dear applicants,

Thanks for applying for BBuzzShow@Jakarta. Our exhibition team has been delighted to check out all the talented, brilliant works from all of you. We need you to ask yourself if you fulfilled all the requirements below in order to complete the submission process thoroughly.

First, Do you have the correct hashtag? 

Make sure if your hashtag is exactly BBuzzShowJakarta.  

Second, What is the size of your work?

Please provide us the size of your work other than artwork info. We need this information to prepare for the show as well as accommodate the shipping of your work accordingly.

Case 1. Follow the steps below when uploading a new work:

work details3work details3

Case 2. If you uploaded your work already, please click the button to edit:

work details3

Third, Does your profile tell enough about you?

 You may have been asked to fill out your personal profile by our exhibition team. It seems confusing, however, please fill out this part with your story or info. It could be about your artistic inspiration, art-making process, exhibition info, etc.. We would like to get to know you more as an artist even if your work is fabulous. Tell us more!

Forth, Leave a feedback to other artwork first and you will get more attention !

Aren’t you a bit curious what kind of artwork other artists submitted to BBuzzShow@Jakarta? Start exploring and leave them a feedback. They will come to your page in appreciation and leave you one too! 

Fifth, Share your artwork to your Facebook and get more attention from your friends.

Another way to get more attention on your work is ask help from your friends. Sharing your work on Facebook is the most effective way, we believe!



Written by Joomi lee, BBuzzArt Marketing

This article was published for artists and art enthusiasts by BBuzzArt.

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Author: Joomie Lee

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