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Dear BBuzzArt users,

We appreciate your interest and attention for BBuzzShow@Prague! Unlike most of call for artist submissions, BBuzzArt simplifies an application process, so anyone can apply faster and easier.

All you NEED to remember is go to and upload your work and add a hashtag #BBuzzShowPrague in tagline. Then you’ll be automatically considered for a BBuzzShow@Prague candidate. If you haven’t updated your profile page or you are a new user, make sure to fill out your profile, such as artistic inspirations, life story, exhibition history, etc.. Please shoot us an email at, if this posting is not explicit or sufficient enough.

BBuzzShowPrague BBuzzShowPrague

We recommend continuing with Facebook because it’s more convenient for both of us especially if/when we feature you on BBuzzArt’s Facebook page. Plus, you can be connected to your Facebook friends on BBuzzArt right away!BBuzzShowPrague BBuzzShowPrague BBuzzShowPrague

Do not simply put a couple of words about yourself here. We want your story, like how you became an artist, where your creativity comes from, or what subject matter you’re interested in. Your artist statement and CV suffice if that’s easier. But you MUST fill in this section to be considered for BBuzzShow@Prague.


Pick a work you would like to show at BBuzzShow@Prague.BBuzzShowPrague

It’s essential to put a title, creator’s note, year, medium, size (**important when planning a shipping), and other work details, but adding #BBuzzShowPrague to tagline is the most important thing to remember here. You MUST put this hashtag to apply for BBuzzShow@Prague candidate. No spaces!

From this part, it’s optional, but recommended. We encourage all the applicants to share their works on Facebook and get likes and feedbacks from friends on BBuzzArt. We believe if your art is loved by public, it most likely means you’re heading in the right direction as an artist and your work is convincing and moving others!


You look for instructions in mobile view? Check out below.

Detail Information

Venue: Hauch Gallery, Prague, Czech Republic
Submission Period: June 12th – July 7th 2017
Selected Artists Announced: July 10th 2017
Exhibition Period: July 19th – August 9th 2017

Should you have any comments and questions, please feel free to send us an email at

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BBuzzShowPrague BBuzzShowPrague BBuzzShowPrague BBuzzShowPrague BBuzzShowPrague BBuzzShowPrague BBuzzShowPrague

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