What Does It Mean by Independent Galleries?

Independent galleries have no money
No Money by BBuzzArt artist Peloses
What does it mean by independent?

You have heard of independent music, or more widely known as indie, but why haven’t you heard of independent art? The answer is simple. Because art has always been independent. But what about independent galleries?

When we talk about indie, it refers to music produced independently from commercial record labels or their subsidiaries. The music production process includes an autonomous approach from recording to publishing. The word ‘independent’ is associated with 1) production process and 2) profit-making nature.

When artists do art, their production process although might involve assistance from the external, does not depend on particular organizations. In most cases, artists work in their own studios. And in terms of profit-making, compared to the music industry, art has yet developed a stream to please public’s taste and undergone mass production for money’s sake. I would say, in an ideal world, art does not intend to make huge profits. although in reality, profit-making artists do exist (let’s do not name who), they have not dominated the market like pop music. Therefore, based on the two grounds, there are not (yet) something called ‘independent art’.

Time vs. Money by BBuzzArt artist ITI
Why are there more and more independent galleries?

However, independent galleries do exist. On the opposite side of the definition of independent galleries is ‘commerical galleries’. In this sense, you would understand what an independent gallery means.

Most of the independent galleries do not label themselves with a certain genre of art. Even if they have signed artists, they do not limit their artists to create upon commission. Independent galleries resemble more of art spaces, where curatorial projects are explicit. The spaces are platforms which allow art to happen. They therefore encourage workshops with the public and collaborations among different artists.

From the first place, gallery is a place where buying and selling happens, which means being profit-making was the original nature of it. Although it always makes us feel awkward when we associate art with money, let’s do not forget that from the beginning of art history, art was a product served to the royals. Then why are there more and more independent galleries?

Since Pop Art, more different forms of art movements were born to question the sellability of art. Conceptual art, body art, performance art, etc. If more and more different forms of art, which simple buying and selling cannot apply, has developed, how could commercial galleries satisfy the need of artists? That is why nowadays more and more independent galleries have enter the scene to provide artists of the new generation a platform to get exposed.

A Light Lunch by BBuzzArt artist Darlene Turla
How could independent galleries make a scene?

If independent galleries mean galleries which do not aim at profit-making, then how do they support themselves as an organization? In fact, not only independent galleries, other alternative art organizations are facing the same issue. They depend on fundings, or side-products to allow artists do what they want. Therefore, public concern would be helpful to such independent parties to survive at today’s art scene.

This year’s BBuzzShow@Seoul has set the venue at an independent art space in Seoul called Indie Gong Art Hall. This exhibition place encourages collaborations among different kinds of arts. They also aim to introduce local artists to the international art scene. If you wish to play a part to support the independent art scene, stay tuned with BBuzzShow’s updates!

BBuzzShow@Seoul Detailed Information

1. Submission Deadline: 28 Sep 2018

2. Submission: Add tag #BBuzzShowSeoul when uploading your artworks. Or insert the tag to your already uploaded pieces at www.BBuzzArt.com

3. Finalist Announcement: 1 Oct 2018

4. Exhibition Date: 1 Nov 2018–14 Nov 2018

5. Exhibitino Venue: Indie Gong Art Hall

Should you have any comments and questions, please feel free to contact us at info@bbuzzart.com

See detailed submission guidelines at : https://goo.gl/HB71Ld

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[BBuzzShow@Seoul] Call for Artist Submission Extended!

Good news artists!

This year’s BBuzzShow@Seoul Call for artist Submission has now extended for 2 more weeks. The deadline, which was supposed to be today, is now postponed to 28 Sep 2018 (Friday).

We understand that good works are resulted form trials. And trials take time! Since many artists have emailed us that they wish to have more time to finish their amazing works, we listen and do the best we can. We have amended the schedule of the exhibition so that more artists can get involved! Do not miss the chance!

Detailed Information

1. Submission Deadline: 28 Sep 2018

2. Submission: Add tag #BBuzzShowSeoul when uploading your artworks. Or insert the tag to your already uploaded pieces at www.BBuzzArt.com

3. Finalist Announcement: 1 Oct 2018

4. Exhibition Date: 15 Oct 2018 — 31 Oct 2018

Should you have any comments and questions, please feel free to contact us at info@bbuzzart.com

See detailed submission guidelines at : https://goo.gl/HB71Ld

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What Have We Learnt from the Brazil National Museum Fire?

Brazil National Museum Fire
Smiling Forver by BBuzzArt artist Hoomman
What is the Truth Behind the Brazil National Museum Fire?

You don’t know what you have until it’s gone. All art lovers are experiencing the pain of losing the relics in the Brazil National Museum fire last Sunday. Everyone is asking what was lost, but nobody askes why.

According to an anthropology student who studied at the museum, this fire was caused due to several years of neglect from the federal government. The anthropology department went through a huge amount of unreasonable budget cuts during the past two years. 

In a radio interview, founder of The Brazilian Report Gustavo Ribeiro said that although the fire cause is still in investigaion, the reason is associated with the problems with how to deal with the possible fire in the museum.

The fire detectors were not working, the museum has no budget to have firefighters in place, fire hindrance around the museum is not working so that’s why the fire department once they got there by 7:30pm on Sunday, it took them over 6 hours to control the fire and that’s also because there was a lack of water to control the flames.

This is the third museum fire in Brazil since 2013. And in all 3 cases, similaries such as exposed wires, problems with fleaks, basic maintenance problems are observed.

If Museums Cannot Save Art, Then What Should We Do?

Art lovers over the world has voluntarily formed groups over social platforms to build archives for the forever-lost museum. They collect documents, pictures, or any possible information to re-build the museum online. This digital version of museum will require labour and resources beyond imagination. And we all know this tragedy could have been avoid with better cultural preservation.

If museums are no longer the best place to store and preserve art, could online platforms take their chances and serve as the alternatives?

When Was the Last Time You Visited a Museum?

When we dig into the fire cause, blames are put on the government, on the museum’s curators that they do not try their best to attract audience. Responsibilities from the government and the institution are undoubted. However, if we are being honest, do we still go to museums?

Because all of these museums don’t have the funds to properly operate. They cannot invest in modernization, in digitalizing their archives in providing a more digital experience for younger attendance so that makes attendance drops which leads a lot of administration to say ‘well, nobody is going to those museums so why should we invest them?’

At this digital age, technology has for sure brought a lot of excitements to the art scene. (See also Digital Art is Spreading Over the Scene) But where was our patience lost? Why don’t we like to spend time to appreciate art in silence anymore?

This fire is a warning. Hope that not only the federal government, all of us has learnt the lesson and sieze it before it is gone.

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Does AI Have a Chance in the Art Market?

AI in the Art Market
BBuzzArt’s Art Intelligence Engine — Agnes

On 23 October, Christie’s New York will introduce artificial intelligence (AI) to the auction arena first time in history. The artwork Portrait of Edmond de Belamy, estimated at $7,000-10,000, is a print on canvas generated by the French art collective Obvious. Using a model called Generative Adversarial Network, artists from the Paris-based collective create the image by inputting 15,000 portraits done between the 14th and 20th centuries. This work to be sold has already passed a test which distinguish hand-drawn paintings.

Can an algorithm be creative?

In an interview with the art magazine artnet, a member of Obvious’s creative team, Hugo Caselles-Dupré, questioned the creativity of an algorithm. He explained that the philosophical approach behind the work was to challenge the possibilities of artificial intelligence in art. He believes that if algorithm can be creative, it would be the closet to the human mind’s creativity.

AI has already been incorporated as a tool by contemporary artists.

In a statement, Christie’s head of prints and multiples, Richard Lloyd, affirms the importance of artificial intelligence in today’s art world. “Christie’s continually stays attuned to changes in the art market and how technology can impact the creation and consumption of art…AI has already been incorporated as a tool by contemporary artists and as this technology further develops, we are excited to participate in these continued conversations.” The age of AI is about to begin in the art market.

Where can I see more conversations between AI and art?

Two years ago, the start-up online gallery BBuzzArt has developed an Art Intelligence Engine called Agnes. The collaboration between the manpower of BBuzzArt’s curatorial team and the Art Intelligence creates the best selection of artworks from latest emerging artists. Up till now, Agnes has already been featured in Curator’s Pick section of BBuzzArt’s website for a year and curated on seven themes.

To bring excitements to the traditionally rigid and opaque art market and synthesize art of our times, BBuzzArt keeps generating innovations to make sure that emerging artists will stay afloat in the fast-changing industry. If AI can be a curator, why can’t you be an artist? What are you waiting for? Join BBuzzArt and let the world see your art!

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How to be a finalist for BBuzzShow@Seoul?

You are excited to our upcoming BBuzzShow@Seoul, right? Are you stuck in the middle of preparing your profile? Eager to be selected but don’t know who to ask? See the invitation criteria below and get some ideas!

1. Who are you?

Express your artistic background and inspiration utilizing BBuzzArt personal profile. It is your personal space where you can express who you are as an artist. If your art is totally minimal and abstract, why is it so? If you are exploring uncommon artistic medium, why is it so? If your favorite artist is your neighbor next door, why is it so? The art enthusiasts around the world would like to know who you are as an artist!

2. How does your artwork look in reality?

Great! Now we know that you are an artist. Is your artistic outcome in line with your claim? Showcase your art, either completed or in process! A serious artistic outcome entails a proper caption including title, medium, size, year of execution and edition number if any. Visualize us so that we can imagine how amazing it will look at our BBuzzShow! Don’t forget to add the tag #BBuzzShowSeoul to your artwork!

3. Does your art speaks people’s mind?

Let’s admit that it is extremely difficult to survive as an artist. If you alone think that you are an artist, sorry but that is not enough! Then, let’s start from your family, friends and followers before jumping to art dealers, gallerists and curators! Do your folks think that you are an artist? Ask them to leave a short line of feedback on your artworks at BBuzzArt!

4. How do others like your art?

There is no answers for what a good art is. However, BBuzzArt as well as global art lovers believe that a prospective artist thinks outside the box. One more heart pushing a like button at BBuzzArt is possibly a good indication that people would like to see your artworks in reality! BBuzzArt encourages an equal community where everyone could have a say! The more likes your artworks get, the higher chance they will be selected!

BBuzzShow is one of BBuzzArt’s major activities that provides an exhibition opportunity to emerging artists around the world. The exhibition team travels different countries to open a visual arts exhibition by receiving open submissions. It is definitely open to every emerging artists without any location restrictions since BBuzzArt covers the transportation cost of art work. Online to offline, BBuzzArt thrives to be a platform where emerging artists can freely claim the creativity.

Stay tuned for more updates on our BBuzzShow@Seoul!

We always listen! Should you have any comments and questions, please feel free to contact us at info@bbuzzart.com

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[Call for artists submission] How to Submit Your Work to “BBuzzShow@Seoul”

Call for artist submission - BBuzzShow Seoul
BBuzzShow Seoul

[BBuzzShow@Seoul] Call for Artists Submission!

Guess what? BBuzzShow is coming back to Seoul! Find out how to submit your artwork to BBuzzShow Seoul.

BBuzzShow is one of BBuzzArt’s highlighted events which provides an opportunity for emerging artists to showcase their hard work. Since 2014, BBuzzShow has been bringing art lovers and artists together. Starting from New York, it has travelled over major cities including Berlin, Shanghai, Singapore, Prague and Jakarta.

This year, BBuzzShow is coming back to Seoul again after the huge success at Gangnam in 2016!

BBuzzShow is a liberal platform which any art lovers could participate! The exhibition team receives open submissions without any location restrictions. No matter where your fabulous artwork is situated at the moment, BBuzzArt covers all required transportation cost. Online to offline, BBuzzArt guarantees vibrant artists to claim their creativity freely!

What are you waiting for? This golden opportunity is just one click away! Visit our website and submit the artworks which are longing to be discovered at BBuzzShow Seoul!

Not an artist? Spread this great news to your artist friends and get their talents exposed!

detailed information

1. Submission Duration: 08 Aug 2018–14 Sep 2018

2. Submission: Add tag #BBuzzShowSeoul

when uploading your artworks.

Or insert the tag to your already uploaded pieces at BBuzzArt website

3. Finalists Announcement: 19 Sep 2018

4. Exhibition Date: 1 Oct 2018 — 28 Oct 2018

Should you have any comments and questions about BBuzzShow Seoul, please feel free to contact us at info@bbuzzart.com

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[How to Submit Artworks to BBuzzShow Seoul?]

Confused about how to submit your artworks at BBuzzArt? Don’t worry, it’s simple! It doesn’t take more than 5 steps to apply for BBuzzShow Seoul. We put together some screenshots and instructions below for your convenience.


1. Click Sign Up/Sign In.

회원가입 / 로그인 버튼 눌러주세요.

点击“注册/登陆(Sign in / Sign up)按钮”。

2. Either Sign up/ Sign in to BBuzzArt.

회원가입 or 로그인 해주세요.


3. Click the profile button.

프로필 버튼 눌러주세요.

点击 “简介(Profile)”按钮。

4. Click the edit button from your profile.

프로필 Edit 눌러주세요.


5. After adding your profile picture, changing your cover image, and filling in the ‘About you’ and ‘Work/Education’ sections, save your progress.

You must write a minimum of 600 characters for the ‘About you’ section, and 300 characters for ‘Work/Education.’

프로필 사진, 커버 사진 변경 및 About you 항목과 Work / Education 항목을 채우신 후 반드시 저장해주세요.
이 때, About you 최소 600character, Work / Education 최소 300character 이상 채우셔야 합니다.

加上简介头像图片、背景图片及填写完成“介绍(About You)”和“工作/教育(Work /Education)”部分之后,点击“保存(Save)”按钮。

6. From your main home page, click the upload button. There will be a popup indicating that you must activate your email address through the verification process.

Click ‘Activate my account’ and go through the email verification process.

홈페이지 메인 화면으로 가서 업로드 버튼을 누르시면, 계정 활성화를 위한 이메일 인증 과정에 대한 팝업이 뜹니다.
Activate My Account 항목을 누른 후 이메일 인증 과정을 밟습니다.

在 BBuzzArt主页,点击“上传(Upload)”按钮的话会自动弹出关于“电子邮件验证”需要的步骤。
点击“激活帐号(Activate My Account)”按钮,进行电子邮件验证

7. Check your email account (the one you entered when registering for BBuzzArt). Verify your account by clicking on the ‘Verify My Account’ button on the email you receive from us.

이메일 인증 과정에서 입력 하셨던 이메일로 들어가 BBuzzArt에서 온 메일을 확인하시고 Verify My Account 버튼을 눌러주세요.

在电子邮件验证过程中使用的邮件里会看到如此内容,确认邮件后点击“验证(Verify My Account)”按钮。

8. Again, click the upload button on the home page.

다시, 업로드 버튼을 눌러 업로드 페이지로 들어가세요.

再次点击 BBuzzArt主页的“上传”按钮。

9. Upload your pictures, carefully reading all the requirements. You must put #BBuzzShowSeoul as a hashtag to apply for the collaboration project! Finish the procedure by inputting all your materials information and clicking ‘complete.’

본인의 작품 이미지에 대한 전반적인 정보를 빠짐없이 기입해주세요.
이 때, 반드시 Tag항목에 #BBuzzShowSeoul 를 입력하셔야 누락없이 공모됩니다.
Materials까지 기입하시고, 일단 Complete 버튼을 눌러주세요.


10. NOTE: You must upload a minimum of three artworks to register!

작품 업로드를 최소 3점 이상 하셔야 합니다. 반드시 유념해주세요!


11. After uploading all your works, go to the work details to check that you have#BBuzzShowSeoul as a hashtag to be eligible for the collaboration project.

본인이 올린 작품 상세 페이지에 들어가셔서 Tag란에 파란 글씨로 #BBuzzShowSeoul 이라는 태그가 기입 되어있는지 확인해주세요.

上传自己的艺术作品后,进入“详细内容(Work Details)”确认填写的基本信息及标签栏中有没有加上了#BBuzzShowSeoul标签。


12. Go to your profile and click edit. When you scroll down, you will see the ‘Artist Registration’ section.

프로필 Edit으로 들어가주세요.
스크롤을 내리시면 Artist Registration 항목이 있습니다.
Artist Registration 버튼을 활성화 해주세요.

首先进入“简介”并点击“编辑”按钮。往下看看,找到“艺术家验证(Artist Registration)”按钮后立刻激活此按钮。

13. After clicking the toggle to turn on the ‘artist registration,’ fill in the required details below, from Artist Type to your Address.

Inputting your telephone and email verification is very important! We need this information to contact you regarding sales and promotions.

Artist Registration 버튼을 활성화 후, 아래에 나타나는 Artist Type부터 Address 항목 까지 빠짐없이 채워주세요.
휴대폰과 이메일 인증이 가장 중요합니다.
추후, BBuzzArt에서 작품 거래시 입력하신 휴대폰 번호와 이메일로 연락드릴 예정입니다.
모든 항목 기입 후, Request Artist Registration 버튼을 눌러주세요.

当激活艺术家验证按钮后,填写从“艺术家风格(Artist Type)”到“地址(Address)”内每个部分。
填完整个部分后,点击“申请艺术家验证(Request Artist Registration)”按钮。

14. After you Request Artist Registration, kindly wait for an approval/rejection within 24 hours. Once approved, you will receive an official email from BBuzzArt.

Request Artist Registration 하시면 약 24시간 이내에 작가 승인을 받을 수 있습니다! 잠시 기다려 주세요.
승인을 받은 작가는 입력하신 이메일로 승인이 되었다는 내용의 BBuzzArt 공식 메일을 받게 됩니다.



15. Now, you are an officially registered BBuzzArt artist! You can now sell your artworks.

이제, 본인은 BBuzzArt 공식 아티스트 입니다. 작품 판매가 가능한 단계입니다.


16. If you want to sell the artworks you have uploaded, go to the page for your artwork by clicking on it from your profile. BBuzzArt is one of the largest and fastest growing art e-commerce platforms! Don’t miss an opportunity to meet new art buyers by filling in your pricing details ASAP.

본인이 올린 작품에 가격을 책정하고 싶으시면, 본인의 특정 작품 상세페이지로 갑니다.
(BBuzzArt는 순수예술 분야의 아시아 최대 이커머스 플랫폼 중 하나입니다. 가격을 올리시면 판매에 도움이 됩니다.)


17. If you hover your mouse cursor over your image, on the top right, an icon with three dots will appear. Click edit to add/change your price.

이미지 위에 마우스 커서를 올리면 이미지 우측 상단에 점 세개의 아이콘이 있습니다.
아이콘을 누르시면 작품 수정항목이 보입니다.
작품 수정 항목을 클릭해주세요.



18. If you scroll down, you will see an ‘On Sale’ toggle button. Click it to activate it. After doing so, fill in the necessary information below, and then save.

스크롤을 내리시면 On Sale 항목이 있습니다.
On Sale 항목을 활성화 해주세요.
On Sale 항목 활성화 시, 아래에 나타나는 항목을 상세히 기입해주세요.
모든 항목을 기입하셨다면 저장 버튼을 눌러주세요.

往下滚动,有“出售(On Sale)”项目,请激活此项目

19. If you see your price on your artwork after clicking save, you have completed the registration process. Congratulations!

Once you have finished this step, your application for BBuzzShow@Seoul is successfully completed!

작품 상세 페이지 우측에 본인이 입력하신 가격이 노출되었다면 모든 과정을 빠짐없이 수행하셨습니다. 수고하셨습니다.

이 과정을 끝내셨다면, BBuzzShow Seoul 신청이 성공적으로 완료되었습니다!


Museum Definition: Could Museums Take Stands?

Acrylic collage with two desperate men in museums
No Hope No Life by BBuzzArt artist Tehos
What are museums in today’s defintion?

In 2007, the ICOM (International Council of Museums) Statutes has adopted the definition of museum for the international museum community as ‘a non-profit, permanent institution in the service of society and its development, open to the public, which acquires, conserves, researches, communicates and exhibits the tangible and intangible heritage of humanity and its environment for the purposes of education, study and enjoyment‘.

It is concrete that museums are no longer Cabinets of Curiosities traced back to Renaissance period. They are no longer places simply for objects to be stored and exhibited. We now ask questions about museum’s identities like What are the social responsibilities and duties that museums should take?; Do museums hold the authority to define art?; What could the public expect from the institution?.

Today, we will take two recent news from Design Museum in London and the Met in New York as examples and discuss whether museums could take stands. And further, how the two museums perceive their ‘charity’ identity differently.

Design Museum in London – Hope to Nope vs Nope to Arms 

Hope to Nope: Graphics and Politics 2008–18 is the current exhibition in London Design Museum. It features graphic design and technology that reacted to important political moments throughout the decade. Due to a sponsorship between the arms dealer Leonardo and the museum, over one-third of the artworks from the activist party were removed from the exhibition after their request and petition Nope to Arms. As a result, the exhibition is now free to visit.

As an educational charity, we cannot take an overt political stance as some activists would like us to do. Recent events have shown us that breaching the laws that regulate charities could put us at risk of having our charitable status removed. In a statement today the Charity Commission reminded the charities sector that, “educational charities can play an important role in informing the public. The law is clear, however, that they must do so in a balanced and neutral way. There are clear rules for charities regarding political activity that form a key part of both charity law and public expectations.”

Deyan Sudjic and Alice Black, directors of the Design Museum, the executives explained in the statement that since they should maintain neutral as ‘an educational charity’. Since no political stance should be taken, the museum would maintain their relationship with Leonardo.

The Met in New York – charity vs social justice

According to the invitation by the William R. Kenan, Jr. Charitable Trust, the Metropolitan Museum of Art has served as an anchor organization alongside New York University’s Tisch School of Arts for social practice art.

We’re not an institution that just focuses on charity. We need to be an institution that focuses on justice. There is a real distinction between charity and social justice: I think ‘charity’ is a term that makes us feel comfortable at a cocktail hour. But when you’re talking about justice you’re actually talking about how you right a wrong. For us, being able to dive deep into this work fits with that…At this moment in our country’s history, we need to dive deeper and look at what social justice and social practice in the arts look like.

In 2016, Dorian Burton, assistant executive director of the William R. Kenan Jr. Trust made a cold call to Kemi Ilesanmi, the executive director of the Laundromat Project, a New York City-based nonprofit that brings art to unexpected places. That was how this act for social justice by art started and now turned out to be a $6 million program.

Two months ago, the Met has announced that they would use $1.5 million of the Kenan Trust grant to support an artist residency program dedicated to social change.

What about the justice within the artist community?

The current art market is in some ways biased on different grounds where many talented artists are not granted the chance they deserve. Justice within the artists community starts when everyone can share their art freely regardless of their identities.

The start-up online gallery BBuzzArt is a liberal platform which support equal opportunities. Through the online system, any young and emerging artists can submit their works to BBuzzArt and get exposed to the world. The website is user-friendly for both artists and collectors. If you wish to join us to create a more ideal art world with equal opportunities, go to our website and learn more.

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Is Today’s Art Market Still a Boys’ Club?

The cover of Prada's magazine Candy Florle edition reflecting the art market
Au Naturel by BBuzzArt artist Amelia A J Foy (ladyly)

Austrian artist Katharina Cibulka has stitched ‘As long as the art market is a boys’ club, I will be a feminist,’ across the facade of the Academy of Fine Arts in Vienna as part of her ongoing public art project ‘Solange’. This artistic act has caught the eye of the public towards the gender parity of the current art market. Along with all other gender equality controversies, the male dominance phenomenon in the art market has constantly initiated heated discussions in these decades.

This challenge can be traced back to Second-wave Feminism, when Guerrilla Girls questioned the art institution with their well-known yellow poster in 1989. Stating the fact that ‘less than 5% of the artists in the Modern Art Sections were women, but 85% of the nudes are female‘, they asked with their slogan ‘Do Women Have To Be Naked To Get Into the Met. Museum?’ in a sarcastic manner.

What about now?

According to Artprice’s 2017 international report on the contemporary art market, figure shows that among the top 500 contemporary artists in worldwide auction houses, only 14% are woman artists. Although for artists born after 1980 the percentage of women rises to 31%, it is true that the gender imbalance is still substantial.

‘The path to the top is still long, because the art market is still dominated by men,’ in response to Cibulka’s artistic act, the School Head of the Academy of Fine Arts in Vienna, Eva Blimlinger commented. The artist agreed with that, saying, ‘there are still many hurdles to overcome in the international art market until men and women are placed on equal footing.’

What could be done?

We can always invest hope on our future. If more opportunities are given to young and emerging female artists to sell their artworks and gain publicity before entering the auction market, the balance might be foreseen. In such a way, we need a liberal platform which support equal opportunities.

The start-up online gallery BBuzzArt is an agency tailored for vibrant artists regardless of their identities. Through the online system, any young and emerging artists can submit their works to BBuzzArt and get exposed to the world. The website is user-friendly for both artists and collectors. BBuzzArt has now gathered over 14,000 artists and keep striking to generate more opportunities for them to enter the bigger art market. If you wish to join us to create a more ideal art world with equal opportunities, go to our website and learn more.

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Where does the price of contemporary artworks come from?

A photograph with various coins piled on the dark background. Where the price of the art work comes from?
Money by artist Rafael Chavez Najera

Have you ever wondered from where the price of the art work comes?

The work of art is created through two process; first, made by artists, and second, it is showed by curator, collector or gallerist.

In the first process, the value of the art work is determined by various factor. For example, the materials used for work, labour of the artists, and time etc… there are various factors to determine value of the work. The commercial value, which is the price of the art work, on the other hand, is validated by the other people in the art world.

Unlike normal market, art market has their own rule. Based on the principal of supply and demand, but the most important distinction of the art work is scarcity. Except editioned works such as re-printed or re-produced photographs, most works of art is only one. Therefore, if there is another bidder for one work, the price of the art work will be raised.

Especially in the contemporary art market, the most important factor is the artists AND the galleries. Every single year, over 3 millions of art student graduate school but only very few of them can continued their life as an artists.

Then how about rest of them?

The fundamental factor of the problem is shortage of the opportunities for young and emerging artist to sell their art works. This is unspoken rule but, normally the galleries take more than half when the work of young and emerging artists’ is sold. Of course there are certain reason to take money from artists; the cost of management, exhibition, and commission. However, sometimes artists cannot get proper recognition of their works.

The start-up company BBuzzArt suggest new solution for the young artists. Through the online system, young and emerging artists all over the world can show their work on BBuzzArt and art lovers can buy then through few clicks in the bed at home. The platform provide easy access to both artists and collectors. And the other important and distinct point is that the artists is the person who decide the price of the art work.

The number of artists think their works are undervalued at some point due to gallery commission but at BBuzzart, the price of the art works are listed by artists therefore, young and emerging artists can have their own recognition.

There is no artists who was born as Andy Warhol or Jeff Koons. For better art world, it is important to encourage young and emerging artists to stage themselves more easily. Art is related to money but is it not just for money. For art for art sake, BBuzzArt can be the starting point to meet future masterpiece.

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BBuzzArt Curator Jackie Kim

BBuzzArt City Event #1 Seoul : Make your feed more artistic!

[BBuzzArt City Event #1 Seoul : Make your feed more artistic!]

지금 버즈아트 앱을 다운받고 BBUZZPICK에 올라온 그림에 가장 기발한 세 개의 해시태그를 붙여 #eventbbuzzart 와 함께 자신의 페이스북에 전체공개로 공유해 주세요.

참여해주신 분들 가운데 가장 기발한 태그를 올린 5명을 선정해 대림미술관 티켓과 신라호텔 더 파크뷰 식사권을 선물로 드립니다.

*이벤트 기간: 2017. 9. 29 ~ 2017. 10. 09
*당첨자 발표: 2017. 10. 13

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대림미술관 티켓(2장) / 40명
스타벅스 아메리카노 기프티콘 / 100명

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[BBuzzArt City Event #1 Seoul : Make your feed more artistic!]

Dear Art lovers in Seoul, We have a special event for you!
Download BBuzzArt now and share an artwork from BBUZZPICK on your Facebook with 3 unimagnable hashtags that describe the work in your own word. Lastly, add a hashtag #eventbbuzzart!

Among all participants, we will pick 5 people who share the most unimaginable hashtags and give them Daelim Museum exhibition tickets and Hotel Shilla dinner gift cards. (5 people will get the first prize, 2 free tickets to Daelim Museum and Hotel Shilla dinner gift cards.)

*Event Duration: 2017. 9. 29 ~ 2017. 10. 09
*Winner Announcement: 2017. 10. 13

*Download App
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2 tickets for Daelim museum + 2 gift cards for Hotel Shilla dinner / 5 people
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