How to be a finalist for BBuzzShow@Seoul?

You are excited to our upcoming BBuzzShow@Seoul, right? Are you stuck in the middle of preparing your profile? Eager to be selected but don’t know who to ask? See the invitation criteria below and get some ideas!

1. Who are you?

Express your artistic background and inspiration utilizing BBuzzArt personal profile. It is your personal space where you can express who you are as an artist. If your art is totally minimal and abstract, why is it so? If you are exploring uncommon artistic medium, why is it so? If your favorite artist is your neighbor next door, why is it so? The art enthusiasts around the world would like to know who you are as an artist!

2. How does your artwork look in reality?

Great! Now we know that you are an artist. Is your artistic outcome in line with your claim? Showcase your art, either completed or in process! A serious artistic outcome entails a proper caption including title, medium, size, year of execution and edition number if any. Visualize us so that we can imagine how amazing it will look at our BBuzzShow! Don’t forget to add the tag #BBuzzShowSeoul to your artwork!

3. Does your art speaks people’s mind?

Let’s admit that it is extremely difficult to survive as an artist. If you alone think that you are an artist, sorry but that is not enough! Then, let’s start from your family, friends and followers before jumping to art dealers, gallerists and curators! Do your folks think that you are an artist? Ask them to leave a short line of feedback on your artworks at BBuzzArt!

4. How do others like your art?

There is no answers for what a good art is. However, BBuzzArt as well as global art lovers believe that a prospective artist thinks outside the box. One more heart pushing a like button at BBuzzArt is possibly a good indication that people would like to see your artworks in reality! BBuzzArt encourages an equal community where everyone could have a say! The more likes your artworks get, the higher chance they will be selected!

BBuzzShow is one of BBuzzArt’s major activities that provides an exhibition opportunity to emerging artists around the world. The exhibition team travels different countries to open a visual arts exhibition by receiving open submissions. It is definitely open to every emerging artists without any location restrictions since BBuzzArt covers the transportation cost of art work. Online to offline, BBuzzArt thrives to be a platform where emerging artists can freely claim the creativity.

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