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[BBuzzShow@Jakarta] Exhibition Details

This posting covers exhibition details for BBuzzShow@Jakarta 2017. BBuzzShow is one of BBuzzArt’s major activities that provides an exhibition opportunity to emerging artists.

Our exhibition team travels different countries to open a visual arts exhibition by receiving open submissions. Above all, it is definitely open to every emerging artists without any location restrictions. BBuzzArt covers the transportation cost of art work. Online to offline, BBuzzArt thrives to be a platform where emerging artists can freely claim the creativity.

Participating artists will be invited based on creativity, seriousness, interaction and communication. Check out exhibition details below.

Detailed Information:

1. Submission Duration: 20th March – 20th April 2017

2. How to Submit:
First, sign up for BBuzzArt and fill out your personal profile with details. Then, start uploading your artworks to be presented at BBuzzShow with #BBuzzShowJakarta. Of course, you can insert the hashtag on your already uploaded art on our platform. In any chase, do not forget to add the hashtag.

3. Selected Artist Announced: 24th April 2017

4. Venue: Fatahillah Gallery (Galeri Kantor Pos, Kota Tua), Jakarta, Indonesia

5. Exhibition Period: 10th – 30th May 2017

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