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Continuing my last blog post, I’d like to cover BBuzzArt more in depth and give details on our founding story.

Every year, 3 million young and new artists are emerging, but they have nowhere else to be with aspiring dreams to live a successful full-time artist one day in their heart. Unfortunately, in school, they do not learn how to network, promote themselves, write a convincing artist statement, or embody the essence of artistic idea. As a result, some of them even graduate without a basic understanding of dynamics between artist and gallery.

It’s easy to be discouraged in the contemporary art industry which often puts heavy emphasis on the monetary value of art. However, Art is deeply rooted in its qualitative aspects, such as artist’s life or original point of view. Well, in turn, old masters like Van Gogh get more spotlights, unlike young artists whose value is still at the early stage to be quantified.

Then, what can BBuzzArt offer to you?

We, BBuzzArt, aim to be a space where young and emerging artists can experience a moment to develop and to nurture their creativity so that they can lead the avant-garde of the 21st century. Therefore, as a community, we want to offer an opportunity to artists to promote themselves with no strings attached, and to art lovers to discover fresh, new artworks that appeal to their true taste, not the ones that are told to be “good” by museums or galleries.

We also open global traveling exhibitions offline called BBuzzShow by inviting artworks in various medium including painting, drawing, photography, video and installation from young and emerging creators. In 2017, BBuzzShow is venturing into the new part of the world from Southeast Asia to Eastern Europe. An open call for submission for #BBuzzArtJakarta is already up. Apply now! More info below:

Step by Step Guide to Applying for BBuzzShow@Jakarta


Written by Joomi lee, BBuzzArt Marketing

This article was published for artists and art enthusiasts by BBuzzArt.

BBuzzArt is an art social platform to preset new and emergin art and to share simple and sincere feedback. It is open to every artist and art enthusiast around the world.
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Author: Joomie Lee

Marketing, BBuzzArt

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